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How to shop for a diamond engagement ring

How To Start Shopping For A Diamond Engagement Ring


So, it's time. Time to start looking for that special ring. But where to begin?


First, let's get pronouns out of the way. I have been selling engagement rings for many years and know that it is not only men who buy them for women, but for the sake of this article I will use he/she just to simply things.


There are many ways to approach choosing just the right ring and it depends on the two people involved. In some cases, the one who will be wearing the ring wants to choose it. She will either send pictures to her fiance-to be or will tell friends exactly what she wants. The couple might even go shopping together. In other cases, the purchaser of the ring wants it to be a surprise. And sometimes, the ring will be an heirloom that is either worn as is or redesigned into something more contemporary.


Let's face it, this can be a minefield. I have seen guys come into our store with a picture of a ring that he can't possibly afford and I help him find something similar but within budget. It is important to remember that the ring is a gift and not a transaction.


So, to begin, determine your budget. Only you know how much you want to spend or can spend. It is very common to have no idea what an engagement ring will cost and often someone will just come into the jewelry store with nothing in mind, to just see what is out there and what it might cost. Or they might say they want a one carat diamond only to realize they had no idea how expensive a ring like that could be. Hey, you have to start somewhere! Doing this can really help you focus on reality.


When helping someone choose a diamond engagement ring, the first question I usually ask is whether he has anything particular in mind. If not, I ask whether she wears white or yellow metal. Then I ask a few questions about her style. The decisions you will have to make after metal are the shape of the diamond, the size of the diamond and the style of the ring. So many times a ring will just speak to someone – it will stand out from all the others in the showcase. And that is the one.


There are so many options it can be daunting or confusing. My advice is to take your time, don't rush. Feel free to shop around but pay attention to the quality of the diamonds and the quality of the ring, because something that seems like a bargain may not be. If you are not familiar with the value factors of diamonds, do just a little research online. Large chain jewelry stores are a go-to for so many people but don't forget the local independent jeweler who just might make you a better deal. You can also negotiate with an independent jeweler and that is ok to do. Finally, I would say that the experience should be joyful! Buy your ring from someone you like dealing with and trust, someone you have built a relationship with. Because you will soon be buying a wedding ring!

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