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Sonoran Sunset

Arizona is famous for it's spectacular sunsets.  Dramatic swathes of reds, orange and gold fill our big skies night after night.  I cannot help but be inspired by the beauty surrounding my home in the Sonoran Desert. 

The Sonoran Sunset collection is an homage to these lavish displays, using copper, turquoise and other native Arizonan gemstones.  I use fire to attain the iridescent colors you see in the copper.  

Each American made copper bead is individually fire-painted to create a sunset in each bead !

The Monsoon Series is inspired by sunsets giving way to exciting lightning branching across dark skies and the torrential rains that follow.  I use Apache Gold gemstones mined in Jerome, Arizona and Silver Mist gemstone to represent the dark skies, clouds and lightning.

You can take home your own bit of Arizona sunset with this collection!