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June is for Pearls

June is for pearls.  Why you ask?

To begin with, pearls are the birthstone for June.  Having been a seller of jewelry for years, I have often heard someone say they do not like to wear pearls.  I think this is because they think of pearls as old fashioned and demure - their grandmother's jewelry.  This is why I created the 21st Century Pearl Collection - pearls for the modern woman and man.  When you see how contemporary pearls can look, you just might change your mind! 

Pearls are also the traditional gemstone to wear for your wedding.  Pearls signify wisdom and give the feeling of purity.  And it goes without saying that creamy, lustrous pearls look fabulous with a wedding dress.  That being said, women these days do not always want the traditional look.  The 21st Century Pearl Collection has super modern designs that will go with any unconventional bridal outfit or give an edge to a classic one.

June is also the month of graduation.  What can make a woman look more professional, polished and put together than pearls?

It is time to rethink your jewelry wardrobe!

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