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Men in Pearls

Men in Pearls


I have been saying it for years – men look great in pearls. I do admit to preferring black pearls on men but if you have been paying attention, it is white pearls that the male trend setters are wearing. And why not?


Women traditionally wear pearls for their weddings because they symbolize purity (and match their white wedding dresses) - how quaint.   But for men, they have historically symbolized wealth and power.  Today, that power is the ability to wear whatever you want.

While watching the Voice this season, Bodie caught my eye with his classic strand of white pearls, worn over his neck tattoo.



He inspired me do a google search of 'men in pearls' which was exceedingly fruitful. Here are some different ways to be masculine in pearls.


Pharell Williams with a layered look


Joe Pederson on the field


Everything old is new again.   To read more about the history of men in pearls, click here.


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